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Add a "Bug" forum category or...

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:11 am
by daleyjem
phpBB isn't exactly known for its ability to manage modern-day software bug tracking. For purchased software like LightUp, might it make sense to use a separate "platform" for logging bugs? At least you'd be able to close out stuff that was simply user error vs. those that are real potential bugs.

In my case, I have a cylindrical shaped group with an "emitter" material option. To fix my render issue, I have to set the group to use "Vertex Lit"... in which case I might suggest "Always lit" ignores the vertex altogether. Sure, "Vertex Lit" fixes the problem, but causes such a resource strain on the GPU that Sketchup closes altogether. Maybe "Emitter" should not only default "Always Lit", but also hide vertices in some way? Not totally sure what that'd entail, but it's definitely very processor intense, especially on rounded objects.

See attached image.